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War clouds over Mohali

In Dil Se on March 28, 2011 at 12:31 am

India Pakistan are going to clash against each other in yet another epic battle of cricket world cup this Wednesday. This match is always considered more like a war than a simple sport. Cricket is a religion in Indian subcontinent. 3 out of 4 nations qualified for semis this year are from this region. India & Pakistan are two of them and only one will sail through into the finals. It’s an important match not only for players or for the cup but also for the emotions of more than one billion population of these two countries.

India & Pakistan have always been the rivals. Rivalry in politics, economics, development, international affairs, sports, defense almost everything. Its a quarrel began with the separation and seems like to be continuing ever since. Wars in 1965, 1971 & 1999 have clearly shown the tussle between the neighbors to the world. 2009 Attack on Mumbai was backed up by Pakistan. Back to back nuclear tests by India Pakistan in 1998 to prove each others capabilities. This all adds up to the extreme tension these two neighbors have since last 60 odd years.

And a religious cricket match is a medium to vent out that tension.

Cricket world cup is more than a cup for these two countries. Specially in India where players homes are set ablaze for an early exit out of 2007 world cup. And for Pakistan where national teams coach is killed for the similar reason in same year. In every match against each other these rival teams fight like a war. With near to killing instinct. Not only the players but also the cricket fanatics go as war against each other. Burning flags, shouting slogans, hitting each other during match. Every kind of commotion can be expected out of Indo-Pak game. And now once again for yet another time these two rivals meet each other on 22 yards battle field.

What I personally feel that result of this game will not be decided by skills and tactics of players alone. Since we know that its more than just a game for people of two countries. The result of the match will also affect more than just players or world cup standings. So obviously the result will have stakes of more influential people, people who by moving strings from outside of the 55 yards circle can swing the result of the game. People who can cash in with the result of this high profile game. And people who by their political tactics prove their might in the world.

Major stake holders for the result will be bookies. India and Pakistan have considerable amount of representation in gulf countries. Countries where money and power has no limit. All this money from gulf circulates into the bating business. Millions of dollars flow into the system. Influence and power is used to fix the result of match. Many Indian and Pakistan players were involved and proved guilty in such cases. The result fixing or even the spot fixing give bookies golden opportunities to earn fortunes. A simple logic says that if Pakistan is a least favorite team to win the match then it will have a lesser value in bating and then if it wins it will surely give more money to the bookies. So there is a high chance of a minnow to win in a fight like this. That is why Ireland/B’desh wins were not as shocking as they seemed.

One more particular stake holder is Mr. Sharad Pawar the president of ICC this year. In Maharashtra politics Mr. Sharad pawar and Bal Thakre are similar to Indo-Pak. Bal Thakre a radical politician has announced that he will not let Pakistan to play in Mumbai. And now if Pakistan wins this match it will have to play Finals in Mumbai. Sharad Pawar who is chairman of International Cricket Council is responsible for smooth execution of tournament. So it’s actually a political tug of war between to senior politicians for whom to let play in Mumbai. If Sharad Pawar wants to keep good rapport with Thakre he should not let Pakistan win the match. And if he wants to show his might in international politics he can make Pakistan win and challenge Thakre for supremacy. Hence the result of match is more important for these two than anyone else.

Our beloved PM Mr. Manmohan Singh has asked Pakistan PM Gillani to come to India to witness this battle in Mohali. And moreover the invitation is accepted by Pakistan who was on no dialogue terms with India since the 26/11 attack. With 40k odd lunatics cricket fans present on Indian soil for greatest battle of cricketing world these two leaders of the fighting countries will witness it in the stadium itself. The swing in the dominance will make the crazy people in ground shout some indecent slogans and improper gestures towards them. I don’t know how they are preparing themselves for witnessing this crazy game of madness. Only if they know the result they can come upon a mutually agreeable condition.

Last but not the least (at least in numbers) are Indian cricket fans and Media. The pressure put through twitter and facebook is enormous. The confidence fans are showing upon their teams is extra ordinary. Over appreciations for win against Australia has raised the spirit of all Indians. And in all this commotion we are just forgetting the non sporting aspects of this game. Over commercialization of cricket via IPL has introduced a great amount of foul play into the game. It’s more fishy than it ever had. It’s not just a game this Wednesday that will be played, It’s a war. A commercial, Political and a Social war!!

Let Mohali be drenched in the rain of blows for this war. Till then let us prepare our shelters amidst the Clouds of War!


This Post is absolutely unbiased. Forgive the grammar and spelling mistakes. No time for proofreading 😥


Holi in Goa

In Though the Digital eye on March 27, 2011 at 9:48 pm

Goa!! 365 days on vacation!!

Last weekend we decided to have a little get together of lost college group in Goa. And Holi was the unanimously chosen festival to visit this awesome place which is always filled with electricity and joyous mood. Today I am going to share some of pics of this festival where many of the foreigners enjoy this festival of color and joyous moment with fellow Indians.

Since this is my first picture blog please bear with me for any kind of pictorial abuse.

Lot more to come soon..


In Dil Se on March 14, 2011 at 1:15 am

We all are wanderers. Wandering on the path of life. Knowing no beginning or end not even the trail to travel. But still we go on, with every passing second and every passing day we move ahead on this road to unknown destination through the vastness of unknown territory. In this travel we often meet with the crossroads, crossroads of choices. Our further journey of life depends upon the choice we take, the road we choose to move ahead. Sometimes the neon signs of guiding angles help us to choose. A sometimes subtle hint of universal conspiracies takes our feet towards the better road. But still deep within our mind we think “what if!” What if I had chosen the other option, What if I was there on the other road? How my journey would have shaped? Where would I have been by now? Sometimes we just trust and go on with our choices and sometimes we just don’t!

What are choices? Are they options? Compulsions? Decisions? We don’t know. But we feel good to have them. We think that there is something in our hand. Something for us to decide. Something within our power. But do we really make our choices? Are they not planned? Is it already decided? Should we believe in our decisions?
This question was posed even to Arjuna on battlefield. Fortunately for him lord Krishna was there to help him. He said we should do what we are suppose to do and should not think about the result. That means according to me that the choices are already made, we just go through pre planned series of accidents to arrive to that particular decision just to feel confident about the decision made or the choice taken.

I know this is a hard fact to digest for those who are atheist or who do not believe in any super power free enough to make decisions for each individual on earth. But think this in other way. Next time when you face a moment of choice think about the factors that will affect your decision. Think about the road by which you have come to conclusion of taking a particular choice. Is it someone influential’s advice? Any catchy commercial? Your favourite celeb’s choice? What is it?

I know your decision of making this particular choice will depend upon one of these deciders. In your mind you will be convinced that this choice you made was completely within your power but did you know before making your choice what really you are choosing for?

Did you certainly know the taste of contents of the can of soda that you opened for the first time? Then what make you choose it out of available choices of brands in Soda? It is something what is influenced by commercial marketing, planned inception of idea in our mind to make the desired choice. If this is so true about a simple can of soda, Then why not for the rest of our choices?

Tell me one thing, ask yourself for that, when you were born what was in your mind to become? It’s a foolish question I know, and answer is obviously “nothing”. But then how do you judge your accomplishment in your life? How do you justify choices you made if you had nothing previously decided for them? How do you tell what’s right and what’s wrong? I know it is your conscience’s job to do. But then how does your conscience know what is right and what is wrong?

Too much to understand and too much to debate is there in a simple choice. But still we have to make some choices. May be making choices is not in our hand but to be happy with them and to trust them is what we should work on. There are some choices we regret upon, some things we “could” “would” and “should” have done. That is not the something we should waste our mind and energy upon. What we should do is to learn from our choices and to live with them. After all there was nothing we have come with and there is nothing we can take with us.

P.S. There is a scene from Matrix Reloaded between Neo and Oracle over this

“Neo: But if you already know, how can I make a choice?
The Oracle: Because you didn’t come here to make the choice. You’ve already made it. You’re here to try to understand why you made it”


In Dil Se on March 5, 2011 at 12:37 am

God treats every one as equal. He has no preference for any one or other. Everyone is his child and he loves each one. But still the destiny or the karma of individual differs. No one has same life or same fate as of any other. It is unique for every soul that takes life on earth. Why?

Each of us is born with some or other talent, skill or disability, limitation, Whatever you can think of. Each of god’s child has to go through cycle of life to finish it’s journey in the mortal world. But then what makes it different from others? What makes this life so smooth for some people and so full of hardships for others? What makes it so person centric? What is that we lack or we have to spend a happy life time of this opportunity we have got?

I feel god gives us clues about how to live our life, what choice to take, what directions to follow, what opportunities to carry. But we tend to get blindfolded by our own illusive conscience. Some times when you have to go some where very badly, but you don’t find your keys or some one comes to visit you, you curse god for letting you fall behind your schedule, or your ill luck to miss something very important. But then afterwards you come to know that this visit you had planned and missed was not that important, it had carried on without you very well. What you do then? You don’t thank god for saving your efforts instead you curse him again for unnecessary fuzz about it. You don’t see what he is doing for you, you only see what he has not.

I had similar thought. I was searching for a big opportunity. A chance to show my worth to the world. To prove that I am too some body worth considering. hard working and ambitious and everything that I always wanted to be. But I never knew how to do that. Each path I took got boring in few steps. Each song I sung became monotonous in few rhymes. I was confused, I was restless. I was loosing my hope.

Then suddenly one day I got my break. I was given something big, something so important that no one of my stature would dream of. It was a big opportunity. I was congratulated for bagging this, I was a winning dark horse for every one. I was overwhelmed, over joyed for this god’s grace. I thanked him for giving me such big opportunity.

Then  a doubt born in my heart. I thought myself to be too weak to do this herculean task. I knew i could do it, but i was too under confident to believe it. Still i pushed myself against it. I was blinded by the task, but still i was crawling ahead, my knees were giving away, my breath was getting heavy. Falling apart from all my resources, my helps i was moving ahead. I was just believing in the opportunity i received. I moved on. I moved on till my resolved mind gave in.

I was lost. I was lost under the burden. Like a rat in the sinking ship, I was running here and there to find my Saviour. There was none. My so called praisers became my biggest criticizer. Those whom i considered my friends turned their back against me. I was lonely. Waiting and cursing for the burden to lift. To be freed from responsibility.

But the burden remained, ship sank. I was cursing god for putting me into this trouble. for not helping me out, for not answering my prayers. I was going away from him. Letting myself into abysmal depression.

One day i woke up then. Woke up out of my ignorant sleep. I could see clearly what went wrong. I could sense God had given me opportunity. The thing I always wanted. I took it with open hearted, but then i became too engulfed in it. I doubted it. I doubted my capacity to do it. I thought it was me who has to do this, I forgot that god who has chosen me to carry out this burden will give me strength. My doubt grew big. Adding burden to my shoulders, sucking out life out of my knees. I fell not because i could not carry, but because i did not believe i could.

Opportunity never knocks and leaves It just stays there with you. You believe in it and you can embrace it. If you don’t she will remain invisible for you.

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