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A Day Like Today

In Dil Se on June 7, 2011 at 11:16 am

Good Morning

A day in everyday life when you wake up and you find whole universe is greeting you Good Morning. Bright sun welcomes with pleasant warmth after several cloudy days. Beautiful cold breeze wakes you up and takes all your exhaustion away. Fresh smell of sweet rain and a hot cup of tea gives perfect start to one of the most pleasant day in your life.

On a day like that you feel so alive, feel so fresh that getting up and getting ready is a celebration in itself. Fresh cloths ironed look and fit best.Your awesome hair feel soft and silky, your glowing skin just greets you and congratulates you from the mirror. Your own smile makes you smile more. You feel like a school kid who is on his first day to school eager to meet his pals and all the fun of the day.

On a day like that everything goes smooth, the traffic is no problem, The radio plays awesome numbers. No honking no yelling everyone smiles out of the mirror as you merrily wave them from the car. What a bright shiny awesome pretty this day becomes.

As you reach work you find yourself so relaxed and the work becomes so easy that you can actually find time to read awesome things or even write some blog posts. The boss is cool and relaxed. He actually shows you photo of his kid winning the soccer tournament and invites you for a small celebration at his place. The cherry on top boss leaves early for the preparation of that party.

You take this opportunity to catch up with colleagues and go out for a lunch. You have a nice time in this bright day. Fun and happiness fill the entire universe. Its an awesome day turns out to be more fun than you ever think of.

You get early to home, buy a nice cap for Boss’ son, get ready and humming merry tune of old song you reach at boss’ place. The place looks different. All the sad colleagues from office are casually chatting with each other, looking happy and joyous. You feel like the happiness you observed the whole day was universal and has affected all your colleagues too.

You congratulate your boss give the cap to the young boy. Grab your drink and settle down in a couch enjoying the joy all around. And then to your surprise the pretty HR girl comes and sits next to you. You hit the string and both end up spending entire evening in each others company. That great day gives you more than just the phone number of this pretty lady and a next date for some more fun.

As you settle down in your bed, gazing artificial stars stuck on your ceiling. You think to yourself what a pretty day it was. You close your eyes into the dreams. Humming to yourself the song that perfectly suits this day…..

On a day like today
The whole world could change

-Bryan Adams


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