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Thought Works!

In Dil Se on September 11, 2011 at 10:55 pm

How the Thoughts work?

Right here where I am sitting with my laptop trying to think and write, there is a song being played by roommates having a drink party in another room. Someone is playing counter strike. A death match! With sounds of continuous firing of sniper gun, AK47 and One or two occasional shots of Desert Eagle. Bands and dhols playing with Ganesh Visarjan procession. A strong smell of rice being cooked and whistle of pressure cooker appears from nowhere. Eyes strain and try to concentrate and oscillate between screen and keyboard now and then. And in all this commotion I want to desperately write about how my thoughts work to realise and be born on paper.

Open Your Mind

Open Your Mind

Thoughts are distracting; thoughts are clumsy, raw, crude form of mind. They wander like wind in the open field, like a bird in the sky. If the mind settles on something they are swept away like a dead leaf by weakest gust of air. They are uncontrolled, unretractable, unrealistic. There is nothing as volatile as a thought and nothing as free and independent as a mind which creates them.

Brain here has a great job to do. It has to regularise these raw thoughts, bring them in unison and put them on paper through the determined motion of hand and fingers. Cross check that which has come up on paper is really what the mind and thoughts are working on to be. Is it grammatically right, socially acceptable and to the point.

Sometimes it is not, sometimes it absolutely is. But then I wonder how this process goes on, how my brain can perceive, predict and produce what these wandering thoughts may have to say? What is really am ‘I’ thinking?

Consider an emotional issue or an incident that shook your brains out, something very close to your heart and you have to make an opinion about it. What happens? The brain gets confused, lots and lots of thoughts start ringing in your head. Different perceptions and possibilities start to sprout in head. Your emotions, experiences, faiths, believes try to obscure the mind. There is a chaos in seconds; the brain explodes with this mayhem. Brain doesn’t know how to come to one opinion, how to ‘Organise’ thoughts!

In such situations I try to call an assembly of thoughts (it sounds weird but yeah, that’s what I am). All thoughts are given a chance to say what they want to say. The ‘I’ (which is the boss thought) try to listen to thoughts without any prejudice or any bias. The ‘I’ will listen to all possible facets and perceptions. The less likely and silent thoughts are also given a chance to say and put forward their case; they are encouraged to think out of the box. Then the ‘I’ weighs them by trying to be unattached, emotionless about the situation. Though the entire thinking process is too long and too bureaucratic it helps in some trivial and confusing issues where emotions can easily stray away the brain from the absolute position.

The opinion so form is usually most balanced one. Thinking through the emotions and other distractions without being affected by them is hardly possible.  Still stability of mind if consciously maintained may give an opinion which is justifiable in every aspect. It may not be a true opinion and you may not completely believe it but if your mind and brain believes in it, Then yes it’s the best you can get!

 The thoughts stray, the mind wanders but the brain which controls them is in your power. Emotions, Prejudices, Believes, Faiths and Trusts may affect your thoughts. Bodily senses may confuse your brain. But then thoughts have to converge and form opinions, opinions have to convince the brain, and then brain has to find words and express itself to the paper.


I stray away from the topic a lot of times, cannot keep hold of the thoughts, but then that’s what I’m working on. I want to put my thoughts and words in order. I want them to build in to a logical story a meaningful monologues presentation. It’s hard, It’s tiresome. But I am not a professional; Only inspiration that drives me to do this is my will to produce it. To do this. And that is what matters most to me. I’ll keep on writing; I’ll keep on scribbling as long as the coal in my thought doesn’t shine like diamond through my words.


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