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Hair and There!

In Humor on December 5, 2011 at 11:21 pm

Every morning presents me a dreadful vision. I see my beloved friends leaving me. Some singles, some couples, some as a small nuclear family and some like a part of wedding party. Never the less they just leave. No strings attached and no emotions involved. They separate and bid adieu. No looking back or no words of parting. They just slip away. With every morning bath I see my black lustrous hair leaving my scalp and never returning back.

Balding is slow painful process for men. It is nothing like waking up a fine morning & finding wrinkles around your eyes. No ladies it is far worse than that. Specially when you think you are young and ready to  impress any girl with your rockstar looks and thick bob, these fugitive hair remind you that “Buddy, We are leaving!!” They leave when you are combing, when you wash your hair, when you scratch them for Ideas or sometimes even then when you move your hand through your hair as a beautiful lady passes by!! They just don’t stay.

The worst part of balding is, you are not the first to notice it.. and unfortunately you are not the last unless you are complete gone. It starts from various locations. The top left and top right corner starts residing like a low tide sea. The wavy canopy holds the field for few days, but alas they also drop their veil. Some times it starts from the back of head where the swirl is. This is the worst place, because here people tell you that you are balding but you just can’t see it by your own. You have to believe them even if you don’t want to. The slow painful process once started has no end till your scalp is as shiny as SG Club ball before the first delivery.

A balding guy is a salesman’s delight. He believes everything you tell him about regrowing hair. From gels and spells, lotions and potions he can try anything to stop his parting family. He can even puncture his scalp for thousands of times to get that shade of hair back on the sterile scalp. He can get a poly-ethylene cap to pretend a hairy cover. He eats white granules and drinks green oil. He takes desperate measures to grow them back. Spends money to bribe them and stop. But all goes down the drain along with the hair that give such a heart ache.

Once the majority clears the ground. The balding person painfully swallows the truth. People joke and laugh on his agony. He gets new nick names and shoe shine kits. He is now more experienced and appears more mature. Some try to compensate the body hair by experimenting with facial hair. Some grew beard or Mustache but once gone there is nothing coming back on the top of the table.

Fortunately right now there is nothing much for me to worry about. I am simply blaming the pollution and water for the loss of hair. In fact those with a big fore head are lucky persons. So consoling myself I can say that  I am not balding I am just getting luckier these days 🙂


Porn and We

In Dil Se on December 1, 2011 at 11:09 pm


So now here we are talking about a porn star in open and public, in front of kids and elderly alike. Sunny Leone entered into the big boss house and simultaneously into our coffee machine chatting. She is every where. Every one is discussing her, searching on web for her. Downloading and openly sharing her pics on ‘social networks’. There is nothing wrong we feel in doing this, even if kids listening to radio and watching TV call each other sunny and do stuff what she is doing on the idiot box. In fact we get inspired and charmed by her profession and her chosen way of life. We can even go ahead and announce a movie on her where she don’t even have to take her cloths off or suck upon men to get paid.

There is nothing wrong in porn. Every one watches fantasizes it. Every teen has his/her favorite porn star and dedicated porn type. But it is something very personal and intimate. You don’t talk with your spouse or boss about your porn collection. It is personal treasure. Unfortunately this personal treasure is now opened wide to everyone. Without any age discrimination. A 5 year old now asks his father what a porn star does? Is it the same what you and mom did?? Kids are curious, they are fragile and delicate. What they are watching and listening so openly now is something which they are too young to apprehend. This is one such area of life where you are fortunate if you learn by your own. At the right time from the right source. A civilization where commercial sex (Porn) is so widely accepted is sure to degrade.

Kids and Porn

Kids and Porn

It’s not only the toddlers who I am worried for early exposure to the porn industry. I am also worried about our generation where struggling actors and actresses are not hesitating to shed their cloths or dignity to get some name and fame. These are most vulnerable to the general sprouting and acclamation of porn actors in Indian context. The porn industry which is illegal in India will get these cheap and willing actors who will be ready to do ‘anything’ for money. And just like american example the Indian porn industry will also grow and surpass the bollywood.

If such environment of free sex and liberal porn industry flourishes. It will certainly give rise to ‘amateur sex clips’ and ‘hidden camera’ traps. Which will eventually lead to more honor killings and suicides as shown in Dev D where the unfortunate father of a wasted girl commits suicide and hence pushes his kid to world of prostitution. The cases of Sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies, child birth will increase. The lack of abortion rules will cause birth of many unwanted children and unmarried mothers. These are no any hypothetical imaginations. This is what had happened to USA once. And can happen to India also.

Some may say grow up, open up, leave your typical Indian hypocrisy. I’ll say fuck off… Keep your hands on your own crotch. Things to be done in private, are better done that way. Praising and accepting this with a tag of modern thinking is sheer bull shit. If you want to watch porn bloody watch it on your own home theater but do not display or praise it on a freaking national TV.

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