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Flash of love

In Story on May 16, 2012 at 4:45 pm

He was mad about her!

Yes, mad about her. Insanely attracted. She was definition of femininity. Marvelous. Out of this world. Yes she was his dream girl. Her curious eyes, enchanting smile, swift movements just like a fish in deep blue sea. She was perfect for a girl god could have hand made. Intently picked and crafted features, curves of her body resembling sand dunes of great desert, sound of her laughter like music of birds. A voice that can put a charm. A gaze that can reach the heart. Yes she was blessed by gods who made this world so beautiful.

He caught her eye just for a moment. She looked back at him, caught him staring through the carriage. A bold gaze pierced through his heart. Making it skip a bit or two. He was dazzled. He had never been so nervous in his life. He was a warrior. He had looked into the eyes of death. He never faltered. But today a girl, standing many feet apart, made his heart go tumbling down.

He gathered his courage. What is there for a strong man like him to fear for in a girl? He asked himself. He took a deep breath. Steadied down his pumping heart. Stood out with courage of a warrior, pulled back his shoulders, swell his chest, And with a flickering glance looked back at her again.

She was yet so marvelous. His courage melted down with a sigh.

The setting sun was glazing her mocchha colored skin. Few rebellious strands of hair, out of her thick bun, were surfing on the sea wind. May men had gathered around her. talking to her, she merrily replying them all. He felt jealous. Thought of unsheathing his sword and mowing down each of them. But her smile made him forget his fury. His jaws clenched, helpless as he was for a girl he didn’t even know.

He had to forget about her, he thought to himself. He was here in a land of unknown for a definite purpose for his kingdom. He had to marry the princess. A girl he had never seen, never talked to. He was marrying her only because his father ‘The Sultan’ needs a powerful ally. A family relation will strengthen the hold over the realm. He had a duty to fulfill for his people. He gave a quick final glance to the merchant girl, who he knew will never be able to be his for pure love. A prince should never fall in love. He repeated his father’s wording and carried out with the processions.

The merchant girl saw him. She felt pity for him. A prince of great charm, loving eyes was going to marry their wasted princess who was not worthy of any man’s love. For a moment she caught his eye. She could read his torment, feel his pain, or this is what she thought. She felt like caressing him, taking him in her arms to love him, give a joy he would never get with the princess, his soon to be wife. She knew it already. But love with a prince? She laughed off her foolish thought. And busied herself with selling her dry fruits in the setting sun.


Love is mysterious.




In Dil Se on February 8, 2012 at 2:01 pm

Two Karnataka ministers found watching porn in assembly. The news is all over the net and I find it utterly funny. The ministers should know that they are videotaped and are telecasted live. Still they find it all OK to hide their ‘smart phone’ below the desk and entertain their selves while the ‘entire’ assembly debates over important issues which are not even clear to news channels. Their negligence or arrogance is utterly hilarious.

But then looking at the entire event again I can’t find who to blame for this incidence.

Let’s say ministers were at fault. May be that’s why they offered their resignations. But then if there is a debate going on about Pakistan national flag hosted in a remote village or about a rave party in Udipi village, do these two ministers were getting really involved in the discussion? Or they were getting hell bored and decided to entertain their selves for some time? I mean we all go through such things every day. When there is a hopeless presentation going on or a meeting enthusiastically called for sheer time pass, we all turn to our cell phones, check Facebook/twitter/Blog etc. or play angry birds; watch clips and do any stuff closely ambiguous to what these ministers did during their free time. Obviously such boring assemblies are at fault which put our beloved ministers to torture of boredom.

Most of the Houses and Assemblies in central or state governments are over flooded with MLAs and MPs. The ministries fall short to cadre all the MLAs and MPs elected from huge number of constituencies. More over these elected representatives of India are made to attend all the assemblies and question hours which are adjourned most of the times for some trivial issues of national importance. Most of the times ministers are not even closely related to the issue and it does not concern a simple beggar of their vote bank or a single penny in their Swiss bank. Then why are they expected to give close audience to such mundane issues and not to turn towards their expensive-government sponsored-smart phones for some entertainment? Clearly the Assemblies have to be more entertaining and exciting to stop such incidences to happen again.

The Parliament Assemblies in India should go The Indian cricket way. The dull face of Indian cricket changed from Test to T20 with short and sweet format, bollywood glamour, corporate money, scarcely clothed cheer leaders and vivacious presenters. The government should employ such measures so that ministers can be kept hooked to the proceedings and will not be distracted to entertainment in hand. The plain khadi dress code should change to glamorous designer clothes. All the fights and quarrels should be appropriately backed up by cheer leaders employed by political parties so that the ministers can give a good fight to the ruling party. All such heated discussions should also be named after movies just like Aus-India test series was called as “Agnipath” series. This will enunciate the emotions and purpose of the government bills into the minds of Indian citizens who are more interested in Movies than in politics. For female MLAs and MPs there should be an age limit and only hot and young ladies should be allowed to participate in the elections which will certainly increase the attendance of our sex starved politicians and give them purpose to take part in proceedings. The corporate houses should sponsor the question hours and whenever the assembly is adjourned commercial advertisements of these corporate should be played on a big screen inside and outside of the parliament. A great burden over the tax payers’ money can be relieved by such simple measure.

I feel the incidence of porn in assembly is an alarm call for world’s biggest democracy to change its functioning. In fact the world has changed so much that these age old roman practices should be given a modern touch. I know I’ll get full support on my suggestions by Kapil Sibbal or Shashi Tharoor who meticulously tweet during parliament proceedings. It’s a war against the boredom of our ministers and entire India will unite against this torment.

Social Networking

In Dil Se on January 31, 2012 at 11:33 pm

I have over 900 friends on Facebook!!

More than 200 wished me on my birthday via Facebook!

20 odd called me!

And 2 were with me when clock struck 12 on the previous night!

Is this what social networking has brought to me? I don’t give any damn about birthdays. They are just another day in lazy life. But this is one day when old friends and relatives call you, ask you how you are doing? They tell something about their selves. Now with these damn websites everyone thinks that since they have uploaded their photos and posted their achievements in their ‘Time Line’, the whole world knows what are they up to. In reality no one cares. Every one has his/her own status updates and photos to manage, to keep the track of stats of ‘likes’ and ‘comments’. Or rather retweets and mentions for those who are hooked to tweeter. The follower count to trace. who followed who un-follwed. Mundane things are keeping us busy all the time. And with what?? Just few clicks and strokes of keyboard?? No warmth of a company no hearty chats! Just ‘LOLs’ and ‘ROFLs’ !! Where is this world taking us to?

I don’t know if anyone will ever read this. Even if this gets any pair of eyes scanning the alphabets arranged in a manner. I know there will be a flat face holding those eyes in socket. No emotions, No care for those around you! We are becoming emotionless. We attend those Anna rallies just to post pics on Facebook and get some likes. We go to pilgrimage to click some awesome photos with deities and ‘Having Fun’! We share matters of ‘National concern’ with flick of a finger and our responsibility ends. We ‘Hash Tag’ our concern over natural calamities to console those who have their lives to save rather than reading your tweets you posted from comfort and security of your homes with electricity and luxury of internet connection. We condemn ‘Blasts’ and offer help to those who are victims, giving our phone numbers and details to a stranger on web who can be anyone including those who might have planned this ‘Blast’ just happened. We give our whereabouts to entire worlds to become a ‘king’ on foursquare! And after all this we complain about trolling and web bullying!!

There are people whose entire life revolves around these things. Who can not take any offense against these sites. They advocate these things stating examples of ‘Best Net Friends’ and ‘Tweeter buddies’ with whom they share every thing. Long lost friends who were impossible to find if not by these sites. Marriages arranged, Love flourished, Jobs found and what not. And truly speaking I don’t deny this. These things survived for this much and penetrated so deep in the society speaks volumes about their credibility. Their essence and usefulness in daily life. I am questioning those who use them. To you and Me!

Do we really think before we put things on internet? Are we hampering anyone’s privacy and personal life while tagging them with us in some random pic? Should we use obscene emoticons and words on those who have whole family and professional friends sitting 24×7 on internet? Are we publicly insulting anyone? Are we taking revenge? Burping out any secret? Digging out fights?

What ever be the future of these sites and humanity, In present I feel more lonely in the web of these sites. There is no Social connection no exchange of personal thoughts and views no frank advices or sincere care in any of the things people do via these sites. I miss old college kuttas, Pan taparis and night walks which taught me many important lessons in my life!

I feel this Social networking is actually promoting the self centered ideology making people sulk into private rooms and stay hooked onto the world wild web.

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