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Flash of love

In Story on May 16, 2012 at 4:45 pm

He was mad about her!

Yes, mad about her. Insanely attracted. She was definition of femininity. Marvelous. Out of this world. Yes she was his dream girl. Her curious eyes, enchanting smile, swift movements just like a fish in deep blue sea. She was perfect for a girl god could have hand made. Intently picked and crafted features, curves of her body resembling sand dunes of great desert, sound of her laughter like music of birds. A voice that can put a charm. A gaze that can reach the heart. Yes she was blessed by gods who made this world so beautiful.

He caught her eye just for a moment. She looked back at him, caught him staring through the carriage. A bold gaze pierced through his heart. Making it skip a bit or two. He was dazzled. He had never been so nervous in his life. He was a warrior. He had looked into the eyes of death. He never faltered. But today a girl, standing many feet apart, made his heart go tumbling down.

He gathered his courage. What is there for a strong man like him to fear for in a girl? He asked himself. He took a deep breath. Steadied down his pumping heart. Stood out with courage of a warrior, pulled back his shoulders, swell his chest, And with a flickering glance looked back at her again.

She was yet so marvelous. His courage melted down with a sigh.

The setting sun was glazing her mocchha colored skin. Few rebellious strands of hair, out of her thick bun, were surfing on the sea wind. May men had gathered around her. talking to her, she merrily replying them all. He felt jealous. Thought of unsheathing his sword and mowing down each of them. But her smile made him forget his fury. His jaws clenched, helpless as he was for a girl he didn’t even know.

He had to forget about her, he thought to himself. He was here in a land of unknown for a definite purpose for his kingdom. He had to marry the princess. A girl he had never seen, never talked to. He was marrying her only because his father ‘The Sultan’ needs a powerful ally. A family relation will strengthen the hold over the realm. He had a duty to fulfill for his people. He gave a quick final glance to the merchant girl, who he knew will never be able to be his for pure love. A prince should never fall in love. He repeated his father’s wording and carried out with the processions.

The merchant girl saw him. She felt pity for him. A prince of great charm, loving eyes was going to marry their wasted princess who was not worthy of any man’s love. For a moment she caught his eye. She could read his torment, feel his pain, or this is what she thought. She felt like caressing him, taking him in her arms to love him, give a joy he would never get with the princess, his soon to be wife. She knew it already. But love with a prince? She laughed off her foolish thought. And busied herself with selling her dry fruits in the setting sun.


Love is mysterious.


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