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In Dil Se on February 8, 2012 at 2:01 pm

Two Karnataka ministers found watching porn in assembly. The news is all over the net and I find it utterly funny. The ministers should know that they are videotaped and are telecasted live. Still they find it all OK to hide their ‘smart phone’ below the desk and entertain their selves while the ‘entire’ assembly debates over important issues which are not even clear to news channels. Their negligence or arrogance is utterly hilarious.

But then looking at the entire event again I can’t find who to blame for this incidence.

Let’s say ministers were at fault. May be that’s why they offered their resignations. But then if there is a debate going on about Pakistan national flag hosted in a remote village or about a rave party in Udipi village, do these two ministers were getting really involved in the discussion? Or they were getting hell bored and decided to entertain their selves for some time? I mean we all go through such things every day. When there is a hopeless presentation going on or a meeting enthusiastically called for sheer time pass, we all turn to our cell phones, check Facebook/twitter/Blog etc. or play angry birds; watch clips and do any stuff closely ambiguous to what these ministers did during their free time. Obviously such boring assemblies are at fault which put our beloved ministers to torture of boredom.

Most of the Houses and Assemblies in central or state governments are over flooded with MLAs and MPs. The ministries fall short to cadre all the MLAs and MPs elected from huge number of constituencies. More over these elected representatives of India are made to attend all the assemblies and question hours which are adjourned most of the times for some trivial issues of national importance. Most of the times ministers are not even closely related to the issue and it does not concern a simple beggar of their vote bank or a single penny in their Swiss bank. Then why are they expected to give close audience to such mundane issues and not to turn towards their expensive-government sponsored-smart phones for some entertainment? Clearly the Assemblies have to be more entertaining and exciting to stop such incidences to happen again.

The Parliament Assemblies in India should go The Indian cricket way. The dull face of Indian cricket changed from Test to T20 with short and sweet format, bollywood glamour, corporate money, scarcely clothed cheer leaders and vivacious presenters. The government should employ such measures so that ministers can be kept hooked to the proceedings and will not be distracted to entertainment in hand. The plain khadi dress code should change to glamorous designer clothes. All the fights and quarrels should be appropriately backed up by cheer leaders employed by political parties so that the ministers can give a good fight to the ruling party. All such heated discussions should also be named after movies just like Aus-India test series was called as “Agnipath” series. This will enunciate the emotions and purpose of the government bills into the minds of Indian citizens who are more interested in Movies than in politics. For female MLAs and MPs there should be an age limit and only hot and young ladies should be allowed to participate in the elections which will certainly increase the attendance of our sex starved politicians and give them purpose to take part in proceedings. The corporate houses should sponsor the question hours and whenever the assembly is adjourned commercial advertisements of these corporate should be played on a big screen inside and outside of the parliament. A great burden over the tax payers’ money can be relieved by such simple measure.

I feel the incidence of porn in assembly is an alarm call for world’s biggest democracy to change its functioning. In fact the world has changed so much that these age old roman practices should be given a modern touch. I know I’ll get full support on my suggestions by Kapil Sibbal or Shashi Tharoor who meticulously tweet during parliament proceedings. It’s a war against the boredom of our ministers and entire India will unite against this torment.


Social Networking

In Dil Se on January 31, 2012 at 11:33 pm

I have over 900 friends on Facebook!!

More than 200 wished me on my birthday via Facebook!

20 odd called me!

And 2 were with me when clock struck 12 on the previous night!

Is this what social networking has brought to me? I don’t give any damn about birthdays. They are just another day in lazy life. But this is one day when old friends and relatives call you, ask you how you are doing? They tell something about their selves. Now with these damn websites everyone thinks that since they have uploaded their photos and posted their achievements in their ‘Time Line’, the whole world knows what are they up to. In reality no one cares. Every one has his/her own status updates and photos to manage, to keep the track of stats of ‘likes’ and ‘comments’. Or rather retweets and mentions for those who are hooked to tweeter. The follower count to trace. who followed who un-follwed. Mundane things are keeping us busy all the time. And with what?? Just few clicks and strokes of keyboard?? No warmth of a company no hearty chats! Just ‘LOLs’ and ‘ROFLs’ !! Where is this world taking us to?

I don’t know if anyone will ever read this. Even if this gets any pair of eyes scanning the alphabets arranged in a manner. I know there will be a flat face holding those eyes in socket. No emotions, No care for those around you! We are becoming emotionless. We attend those Anna rallies just to post pics on Facebook and get some likes. We go to pilgrimage to click some awesome photos with deities and ‘Having Fun’! We share matters of ‘National concern’ with flick of a finger and our responsibility ends. We ‘Hash Tag’ our concern over natural calamities to console those who have their lives to save rather than reading your tweets you posted from comfort and security of your homes with electricity and luxury of internet connection. We condemn ‘Blasts’ and offer help to those who are victims, giving our phone numbers and details to a stranger on web who can be anyone including those who might have planned this ‘Blast’ just happened. We give our whereabouts to entire worlds to become a ‘king’ on foursquare! And after all this we complain about trolling and web bullying!!

There are people whose entire life revolves around these things. Who can not take any offense against these sites. They advocate these things stating examples of ‘Best Net Friends’ and ‘Tweeter buddies’ with whom they share every thing. Long lost friends who were impossible to find if not by these sites. Marriages arranged, Love flourished, Jobs found and what not. And truly speaking I don’t deny this. These things survived for this much and penetrated so deep in the society speaks volumes about their credibility. Their essence and usefulness in daily life. I am questioning those who use them. To you and Me!

Do we really think before we put things on internet? Are we hampering anyone’s privacy and personal life while tagging them with us in some random pic? Should we use obscene emoticons and words on those who have whole family and professional friends sitting 24×7 on internet? Are we publicly insulting anyone? Are we taking revenge? Burping out any secret? Digging out fights?

What ever be the future of these sites and humanity, In present I feel more lonely in the web of these sites. There is no Social connection no exchange of personal thoughts and views no frank advices or sincere care in any of the things people do via these sites. I miss old college kuttas, Pan taparis and night walks which taught me many important lessons in my life!

I feel this Social networking is actually promoting the self centered ideology making people sulk into private rooms and stay hooked onto the world wild web.

Hair and There!

In Humor on December 5, 2011 at 11:21 pm

Every morning presents me a dreadful vision. I see my beloved friends leaving me. Some singles, some couples, some as a small nuclear family and some like a part of wedding party. Never the less they just leave. No strings attached and no emotions involved. They separate and bid adieu. No looking back or no words of parting. They just slip away. With every morning bath I see my black lustrous hair leaving my scalp and never returning back.

Balding is slow painful process for men. It is nothing like waking up a fine morning & finding wrinkles around your eyes. No ladies it is far worse than that. Specially when you think you are young and ready to  impress any girl with your rockstar looks and thick bob, these fugitive hair remind you that “Buddy, We are leaving!!” They leave when you are combing, when you wash your hair, when you scratch them for Ideas or sometimes even then when you move your hand through your hair as a beautiful lady passes by!! They just don’t stay.

The worst part of balding is, you are not the first to notice it.. and unfortunately you are not the last unless you are complete gone. It starts from various locations. The top left and top right corner starts residing like a low tide sea. The wavy canopy holds the field for few days, but alas they also drop their veil. Some times it starts from the back of head where the swirl is. This is the worst place, because here people tell you that you are balding but you just can’t see it by your own. You have to believe them even if you don’t want to. The slow painful process once started has no end till your scalp is as shiny as SG Club ball before the first delivery.

A balding guy is a salesman’s delight. He believes everything you tell him about regrowing hair. From gels and spells, lotions and potions he can try anything to stop his parting family. He can even puncture his scalp for thousands of times to get that shade of hair back on the sterile scalp. He can get a poly-ethylene cap to pretend a hairy cover. He eats white granules and drinks green oil. He takes desperate measures to grow them back. Spends money to bribe them and stop. But all goes down the drain along with the hair that give such a heart ache.

Once the majority clears the ground. The balding person painfully swallows the truth. People joke and laugh on his agony. He gets new nick names and shoe shine kits. He is now more experienced and appears more mature. Some try to compensate the body hair by experimenting with facial hair. Some grew beard or Mustache but once gone there is nothing coming back on the top of the table.

Fortunately right now there is nothing much for me to worry about. I am simply blaming the pollution and water for the loss of hair. In fact those with a big fore head are lucky persons. So consoling myself I can say that  I am not balding I am just getting luckier these days 🙂

Porn and We

In Dil Se on December 1, 2011 at 11:09 pm


So now here we are talking about a porn star in open and public, in front of kids and elderly alike. Sunny Leone entered into the big boss house and simultaneously into our coffee machine chatting. She is every where. Every one is discussing her, searching on web for her. Downloading and openly sharing her pics on ‘social networks’. There is nothing wrong we feel in doing this, even if kids listening to radio and watching TV call each other sunny and do stuff what she is doing on the idiot box. In fact we get inspired and charmed by her profession and her chosen way of life. We can even go ahead and announce a movie on her where she don’t even have to take her cloths off or suck upon men to get paid.

There is nothing wrong in porn. Every one watches fantasizes it. Every teen has his/her favorite porn star and dedicated porn type. But it is something very personal and intimate. You don’t talk with your spouse or boss about your porn collection. It is personal treasure. Unfortunately this personal treasure is now opened wide to everyone. Without any age discrimination. A 5 year old now asks his father what a porn star does? Is it the same what you and mom did?? Kids are curious, they are fragile and delicate. What they are watching and listening so openly now is something which they are too young to apprehend. This is one such area of life where you are fortunate if you learn by your own. At the right time from the right source. A civilization where commercial sex (Porn) is so widely accepted is sure to degrade.

Kids and Porn

Kids and Porn

It’s not only the toddlers who I am worried for early exposure to the porn industry. I am also worried about our generation where struggling actors and actresses are not hesitating to shed their cloths or dignity to get some name and fame. These are most vulnerable to the general sprouting and acclamation of porn actors in Indian context. The porn industry which is illegal in India will get these cheap and willing actors who will be ready to do ‘anything’ for money. And just like american example the Indian porn industry will also grow and surpass the bollywood.

If such environment of free sex and liberal porn industry flourishes. It will certainly give rise to ‘amateur sex clips’ and ‘hidden camera’ traps. Which will eventually lead to more honor killings and suicides as shown in Dev D where the unfortunate father of a wasted girl commits suicide and hence pushes his kid to world of prostitution. The cases of Sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies, child birth will increase. The lack of abortion rules will cause birth of many unwanted children and unmarried mothers. These are no any hypothetical imaginations. This is what had happened to USA once. And can happen to India also.

Some may say grow up, open up, leave your typical Indian hypocrisy. I’ll say fuck off… Keep your hands on your own crotch. Things to be done in private, are better done that way. Praising and accepting this with a tag of modern thinking is sheer bull shit. If you want to watch porn bloody watch it on your own home theater but do not display or praise it on a freaking national TV.

Faking Compliments

In Humor on September 22, 2011 at 11:48 am

“What a great place is this!!”, A property broker said when he entered the gate of hell.

It is amazing how an estate agent or a car seller can give convincingly fake compliments. You know that they are lying their brains out. But their expressions, their voice and that glare of admiration makes you believe in whatever adjective they use to describe any piece of crap. If they can give fake compliments why can’t we?

We men are very bad at complimenting. We can never manage to give any ‘satisfactory’ answer to some very difficult questions. Many time we come across various awkward when your girl friend asks you, “Do you like my dress?”;”Do you like my hair?”;
“Do I look fat?”
The truth
You know the truth. You know that these questions demand praise. All you have to do is LIE. Compliment them, praise their heavenly appearance. But we just can’t. We are helpless by the burden of truth. Even if we try to say something ‘satisfactory’ our low confidence comes in the way. The voice drops, awkward pause, hesitation, scuffle of neck or any other ‘micro expressions’ that can give away our facade of lie betrays us. We just can’t compliment them.

In female world every non-compliment is an insult. That is why  ladies meeting each other praise every damn part of their body or ornament they can lay eye on. They will scream, jump, dance in the trance of complimenting. They will not leave even a single female participant from the generous supply of compliments. They expect the same from us. But listen.. God did not make us that way. Even if we like something we just don’t express it. It’s not Manly to express our emotions on material things like earings, or fake color of hair, or the satin dress or any hopeless pair of shoes. Max what we can do to compliment you is to pay the bill… But then these emotions even I can not express to any female in my life!!

So I learned the other way round.. I learned from estate agents, car dealers, female colleagues. I learned how to fake a compliment. Once you learn it’s freaking easy to do. The first thing is to learn some basic words and the tone to say them. Like when you say ‘wow’ stress on both the ‘Ws’ and a longer than usual ooooo. When you say ‘awesome’ Exhale all your breath in ‘awe’ and ‘some’! Try to animate. All the ‘great’ ‘delicious’ ‘incredible”beautiful’ should be appropriately accompanied by hand and eye gestures. The more animated you are more ‘satisfactory’ the compliment becomes. These can be used when you have absolutely nothing to say and the female is looking at you with loomy eyes. These are pressure busters.

If you happened to have a lot of time to think a compliment. You can be diplomatic . You don’t have to lie nor say the acrid truth. When asked “If I look fat?” you can say.. “If I call you fat what should I call Mrs. Mehta, she is like a baby hippo!!” This way you can successfully divert an awkward question to the most beloved topic of gossiping!! There are also other ways to get away from a appreciation traps. Like appreciating any mundane object like sandals or earrings. If you don’t observe anything just say something about their hair, They always do something with hair. This blind shot always hits the bull’s eye!!

The HusbandHowever the most dangerous situation comes on dining table. You come home after a heavy day, your wife has arranged the table and made some alien recipe. Without any notice or prior warning you are invited to the table. Photos of the dish are already there on Facebook. The world can now see your wife’s cooking skills and your anguish. You are helpless but to be a guinea pig. You resolve and get ready for the experiment with stomach. The dish gets served and you search for any operating manual how to eat stuff.. No escape!! You some how manage to put that ‘edible’ in your mouth and that’s the moment of agony… You know the food is hell, the salt is not proper, spices are not right. Your face twitches. The eyes are filled with pain. Throat refuses any entry to foreign particles. And the devil’s daughter your wife is looking down for compliments. The real man, swallows the pain and food, He empties the dishes and burps the sorrow. He looks at the satisfied wife. She has the joy of having captured world’s awesomest guinea pig ever from world of matrimonial. And you have learned the art of Lie!!

So guys!! Faking compliments are great tool to lead a successful relationship. It can also help you to get advances in female realm. Not only that but also it helps in corporate world where a lie is as worshiped as a boss’ dog!

Be A Man! Do the fake compliment!!

Thought Works!

In Dil Se on September 11, 2011 at 10:55 pm

How the Thoughts work?

Right here where I am sitting with my laptop trying to think and write, there is a song being played by roommates having a drink party in another room. Someone is playing counter strike. A death match! With sounds of continuous firing of sniper gun, AK47 and One or two occasional shots of Desert Eagle. Bands and dhols playing with Ganesh Visarjan procession. A strong smell of rice being cooked and whistle of pressure cooker appears from nowhere. Eyes strain and try to concentrate and oscillate between screen and keyboard now and then. And in all this commotion I want to desperately write about how my thoughts work to realise and be born on paper.

Open Your Mind

Open Your Mind

Thoughts are distracting; thoughts are clumsy, raw, crude form of mind. They wander like wind in the open field, like a bird in the sky. If the mind settles on something they are swept away like a dead leaf by weakest gust of air. They are uncontrolled, unretractable, unrealistic. There is nothing as volatile as a thought and nothing as free and independent as a mind which creates them.

Brain here has a great job to do. It has to regularise these raw thoughts, bring them in unison and put them on paper through the determined motion of hand and fingers. Cross check that which has come up on paper is really what the mind and thoughts are working on to be. Is it grammatically right, socially acceptable and to the point.

Sometimes it is not, sometimes it absolutely is. But then I wonder how this process goes on, how my brain can perceive, predict and produce what these wandering thoughts may have to say? What is really am ‘I’ thinking?

Consider an emotional issue or an incident that shook your brains out, something very close to your heart and you have to make an opinion about it. What happens? The brain gets confused, lots and lots of thoughts start ringing in your head. Different perceptions and possibilities start to sprout in head. Your emotions, experiences, faiths, believes try to obscure the mind. There is a chaos in seconds; the brain explodes with this mayhem. Brain doesn’t know how to come to one opinion, how to ‘Organise’ thoughts!

In such situations I try to call an assembly of thoughts (it sounds weird but yeah, that’s what I am). All thoughts are given a chance to say what they want to say. The ‘I’ (which is the boss thought) try to listen to thoughts without any prejudice or any bias. The ‘I’ will listen to all possible facets and perceptions. The less likely and silent thoughts are also given a chance to say and put forward their case; they are encouraged to think out of the box. Then the ‘I’ weighs them by trying to be unattached, emotionless about the situation. Though the entire thinking process is too long and too bureaucratic it helps in some trivial and confusing issues where emotions can easily stray away the brain from the absolute position.

The opinion so form is usually most balanced one. Thinking through the emotions and other distractions without being affected by them is hardly possible.  Still stability of mind if consciously maintained may give an opinion which is justifiable in every aspect. It may not be a true opinion and you may not completely believe it but if your mind and brain believes in it, Then yes it’s the best you can get!

 The thoughts stray, the mind wanders but the brain which controls them is in your power. Emotions, Prejudices, Believes, Faiths and Trusts may affect your thoughts. Bodily senses may confuse your brain. But then thoughts have to converge and form opinions, opinions have to convince the brain, and then brain has to find words and express itself to the paper.


I stray away from the topic a lot of times, cannot keep hold of the thoughts, but then that’s what I’m working on. I want to put my thoughts and words in order. I want them to build in to a logical story a meaningful monologues presentation. It’s hard, It’s tiresome. But I am not a professional; Only inspiration that drives me to do this is my will to produce it. To do this. And that is what matters most to me. I’ll keep on writing; I’ll keep on scribbling as long as the coal in my thought doesn’t shine like diamond through my words.

Beauty & Brain

In Dil Se on August 29, 2011 at 3:39 pm

These two words are mostly considered as oxymoron when used for girls. A beautiful girl is mostly assumed to be a dumb and we don’t expect any visual delight from a girl talking sci-fi stuff. A girl with beauty and brain is as rare as a hair over Sehwag’s head. Even if a damsel is one of this kind she becomes too manly to be called as a girl. No wonder there are more blonde jokes than nerdy humors.

But for some people size of bra-in matters more than size of bra. A girl quoting Gandalf is considered hotter than a girl with beach blonde hair. If a girl sends a torrent link on FB then these people are instantly in love with her. They don’t bother about how she looks or dresses or even if she takes a bath every day or not. What matters more is how she can be a pain in ass to your nerdy, self declared Tech-savy friend. They want this girl in their life, They can fantasize to fuck her brains out than to get a free entry to playboy Mansion. for them hotness does not matter as long as she beats you in a game of Scrabble.

The madness over a brainy girl is justifiable. Beauty fades with time but intelligence is refined with age. A person who understands your intellectual and emotional needs gives the greatest pleasure on earth, ‘The Peace of mind’. Imagine the one of your girl friends to whom you can forward a ‘TED’ link and discuss it for hours over the phone or another who is discussing sex and the city and bitching about it’s characters! What will you prefer?

I think society has great contribution in making a beautiful girl dumb. Signs of a girl’s sexual attractiveness gets visible as soon as her t-shirt starts to leave contact of her stomach, and drop freely from her prominent feminine curls. Many hungry male eyeballs stare at her irrespective of her age or relation. More good looking a girl is more she has to face these lolling men. As she grows older she realizes that Men can be slaved by feminine grace and beauty. She tries to preserve her beauty, try to enhance it, she envies anyone who is more popular or beautiful, all her intelligence and brain power works for one goal. Be more popular, more beautiful and get more men to follow her.

Now when so many people are following her, looking up to her owing to her beauty and popularity. A beautiful girl becomes more conscious about her social status and social appearance. She becomes self centered and self pampering. Studies and intellectual upbringing takes a back seat, beauty and fashion takes preference. Adoring parents, over complementing peers and drooling members of society does not let them to learn and live the life hard way. They are always there when she needs any help.Catch her even before she falls.

Dumbness grows and develops like this in early teenage, It becomes prominent when nerdy geeks (males and females alike) make it an issue to overshadow the beauty and defame her. A not so beautiful girl (because of her girly instincts) actually envies her beauty and emotionally harass her. As the time ticks years away things change and life becomes hard, she tries to keep and hold her beauty, her youth and charm. Botox, creams and cosmetic surgeons earn from this helpless struggle. And then when life starts to fall apart, boobs hang and tummy slackens these girl meet their worst fear. “Loneliness”. The depression comes along and finally mental illness.

May be what I am saying here is a bit drastic, little unrealistic and too much dramatic. But look around, see and observe. Why a guy or girl becomes or acts dumb? Why there is more probability of finding a good looking guy or girl dumb? What makes them so ignorant and so negligent about some things so trivial and so obvious? How can you make yourself a bit more presentable and acceptable among your geeky friends? How your over pampered child can sustain the race of higher education? How it can save itself from witty harassment?

I don’t know how many will read this and out of them how many will agree to me. May be I am wrong or may be I think too much. But what ever it is this is what I feel and Writing that matter the most to me!

Virtual Reality of Life

In Dil Se on June 27, 2011 at 3:20 pm

Last weekend I went for a CSR camp. It involved living in rural area with the locals, working for them. Get a feel of what they go through in day to day life. Their hardships and the way they manage to overcome them. It was nothing very frenzy or extra ordinary stuff. All those who had their grandparents coming from small villages have at some point of time in life have experienced this. So I had a “yeah, lets have fun” kind of nostalgic way of looking into it.

But there were also some freshly baked MBAs and Corporate toddlers in our group. And to my surprise they had their lives so woven around social networking site that I was horrified by the way they looked into the matters.

Primary motive of these lads to come to this CSR camp was to add another point in CV.

Doing some trivial country work was a major resume` achievement for them.

Every time any of this bunch of city lads would do some totally villager stuff, each of them will like it, then and there calling out “likes” and showing their thumb ups.

If some one clicks a picture they will bet about number of comments this pic will receive.

For them the coolest photographer is the one who gets 100 likes as soon as he/she uploads a picture on Facebook.

They would continuously talk about GKhamba or some other Tweleb’s tweets.

Many were reciting the latest tweets of Aishwarya Rai’s pregnancy like parrots.

Till the time everyone parted many of them had added half of the crowd to friend list via their iPhone/BB or Androids.

By Monday morning they had created a group on facebook to share photos and tag each other.

Few of the smart asses are putting some vague links of enGadget and Faking news on the group.

Few girls that came, are suddenly having more people liking their profile pics and commenting on them.

Looking at their overall behavior in and out of the “Social Responsibility” camp I feel like whatsoever responsibility they have is limited to only “Online Social Network”. No one was interested in learning the way of living, doing something to improve it. They only wanted their status updates to look awesome and thier photos to get more likes.

These so called social networking websites have actually isolated the individuals. Everyone is wants his/her profile to look cool, they have maximum likes or most of the comments. They should have more followers and more RTs. They are going miles to make their profile look good, spending hours on internet to find and upload things to look cool. Every one is trying to prove their selves, advertise their attitude, drown in self obsession. A complete new breed of narcissists is growing up around us. What are we seriously doing?

Addictions, obsession and over enthusiasm for something is acceptable, but when a line between virtual and real world gets thinner and starts to vanish out It’s the time when we have to wake up. That does not mean deleting your profile or logging out right now, It means that let life be life in two worlds separated as it is separated by worlds one made by God and one made by Man.

A Day Like Today

In Dil Se on June 7, 2011 at 11:16 am

Good Morning

A day in everyday life when you wake up and you find whole universe is greeting you Good Morning. Bright sun welcomes with pleasant warmth after several cloudy days. Beautiful cold breeze wakes you up and takes all your exhaustion away. Fresh smell of sweet rain and a hot cup of tea gives perfect start to one of the most pleasant day in your life.

On a day like that you feel so alive, feel so fresh that getting up and getting ready is a celebration in itself. Fresh cloths ironed look and fit best.Your awesome hair feel soft and silky, your glowing skin just greets you and congratulates you from the mirror. Your own smile makes you smile more. You feel like a school kid who is on his first day to school eager to meet his pals and all the fun of the day.

On a day like that everything goes smooth, the traffic is no problem, The radio plays awesome numbers. No honking no yelling everyone smiles out of the mirror as you merrily wave them from the car. What a bright shiny awesome pretty this day becomes.

As you reach work you find yourself so relaxed and the work becomes so easy that you can actually find time to read awesome things or even write some blog posts. The boss is cool and relaxed. He actually shows you photo of his kid winning the soccer tournament and invites you for a small celebration at his place. The cherry on top boss leaves early for the preparation of that party.

You take this opportunity to catch up with colleagues and go out for a lunch. You have a nice time in this bright day. Fun and happiness fill the entire universe. Its an awesome day turns out to be more fun than you ever think of.

You get early to home, buy a nice cap for Boss’ son, get ready and humming merry tune of old song you reach at boss’ place. The place looks different. All the sad colleagues from office are casually chatting with each other, looking happy and joyous. You feel like the happiness you observed the whole day was universal and has affected all your colleagues too.

You congratulate your boss give the cap to the young boy. Grab your drink and settle down in a couch enjoying the joy all around. And then to your surprise the pretty HR girl comes and sits next to you. You hit the string and both end up spending entire evening in each others company. That great day gives you more than just the phone number of this pretty lady and a next date for some more fun.

As you settle down in your bed, gazing artificial stars stuck on your ceiling. You think to yourself what a pretty day it was. You close your eyes into the dreams. Humming to yourself the song that perfectly suits this day…..

On a day like today
The whole world could change

-Bryan Adams

Oh My God!! Its Raining!!

In Dil Se on June 6, 2011 at 8:23 pm


The emotions behind this expression can be anything. It can be a romantically excited sigh of young love birds. Joyful scream of a football crazy lad. Irritated curse of a hurrying house woman running towards cloth drying line or a surprised expression out of a young man dressed in office formals caught by unannounced rain on his way to work.

Rain brings mixed feeling to the world. From a joyous celebration of new life to a choked gutters of old sewer lines. Every one acknowledges the rain. It does not come in stealth mode like winter nor it comes in full bloom like summer. It comes like a long distant relative, who arrives undeclared but brings joy to the family. For me the meaning of its arrival has changed since when I was a little kid. Every rainy Monsoon is new for me. More like a start of all new life every year.

When I was a little kid I used to embrace the first rain at my grandpa’s house. The old house was in typical Indian village. We cousins used to gather there for our summer vacations. It had a huge front yard with a cow shed, few Mango trees, a Banyan tree, A huge pile of hay for cattle, a small servant quarter, a well and a big farm just beyond the bushy fence. We used to play there day and night through out the summer. But then On one fine day hot summer weather will start to change. Black clouds will gather and big thunderous lightening will brighten the whole world. Every thing will go air bound in minutes. Girls would scream and run inside the house. Boys will remain outside as if to fight the storm out. We would jump on the hay pile, blow the leaves into the air with our hand. The whole world used to look like into a marry dance to welcome the annual guest of Nature, The Monsoon. After the thunderous announcement first rain would finally arrive. Sheets of water droplets from heaven with strong Geosmin would fall on earth. Everything used to get drenched in the first shower. Grandpa would join us kids into the rain along with the whole family. The first rain is believed to be holy. Getting drenched in it will remove all your illness and make you ready for yet another year. The first rain dance of the season was more than just a joy for a little kid in me.

As I grew older and started going to school arrival of June changed its meaning. The scent of first drop on soil used to bring along the scent of new school uniform and new books. Schools used to reopen just after the first rain. All the joy of carefree and boundless summer fun used to go into tight schedule of school and homework. The wet raincoats in class rooms, muddy shoes and soiled cloths would dampen the summer fun. Occasional offs due to heavy rain and a game or two of football in knee deep mud was part of rare Monsoon fun in those days. Bicycle rides through the mud on way to school, scoldings of teachers and mother alike for unnecessary getting the uniform spoiled, Hot chocolate milk and Halwa on catching the mandatory cold. Warm blanket, an awesome book and rocking chair with drizzle of rain on a compulsory sick off owing to the cold still brings warmth in my heart. The Monsoon memories of my teenage are still warm like hot chicken soup in my soul.

College Monsoons were no different from the school days, except the muddy cycle rides were exchanged with long bike drives, football volleyball games were frequent on college’s lush green ground. Bhutta, Sutta, Chai and Samosa would warm the cold shivering days. Long drives into the chilly hills with someone special for the first kiss, Unforgettable moments of taking hands in hand and smelling those intoxicating wet hair drenched in the rain for the first time, feeling that warmth trickling down from her lips into your heart. The passion of first love, the excitement, the shivers and then blaming each other for cold and fever that resulted from the brief encounter in the rain. That’s how rain brought romance in my crazy teenage life.

Now the equation has changed. The joy of life, The joy of romance that comes from first rain has gone. All I have to search for is my last year’s umbrella from the attic, I have to get new shoes for protecting against heavy rain, change routes to avoid water clogged area, I curse small kids playing in mud for spoiling my cloths by water splashes. I get worried looking at the young couples walking in knee deep sewer water. I boil tap water and store it to get rid of the microbes that come from the rains. I hate traveling on road and unknown routes for the possibility of traffic jams or any mishap. I don’t eat from roadside for fear of diseases. I start my home medication from the slightest sign of flue. Everything that I used to like about rain has now changed into my hatred.

Where is that kid who used to dance in the rain? Where is that boy who used to play in mud? And where is that lovely couple who used to kiss every time the land is drenched in water?

No.. The rain has not changed!! I am changed!!

Yeh Daulat Bhi Le Lo,

Yeh Shaurat Bhi Le Lo,

Bhale Cheen Lo Mujhse Se Meri Jawani,

Magar Mujhko Lauta Do

Bachpan Ka Sawan…..

Wo Kagaz Ki Kashti….

Wo Baarish Ka Paani…


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