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In Dil Se on March 14, 2011 at 1:15 am

We all are wanderers. Wandering on the path of life. Knowing no beginning or end not even the trail to travel. But still we go on, with every passing second and every passing day we move ahead on this road to unknown destination through the vastness of unknown territory. In this travel we often meet with the crossroads, crossroads of choices. Our further journey of life depends upon the choice we take, the road we choose to move ahead. Sometimes the neon signs of guiding angles help us to choose. A sometimes subtle hint of universal conspiracies takes our feet towards the better road. But still deep within our mind we think “what if!” What if I had chosen the other option, What if I was there on the other road? How my journey would have shaped? Where would I have been by now? Sometimes we just trust and go on with our choices and sometimes we just don’t!

What are choices? Are they options? Compulsions? Decisions? We don’t know. But we feel good to have them. We think that there is something in our hand. Something for us to decide. Something within our power. But do we really make our choices? Are they not planned? Is it already decided? Should we believe in our decisions?
This question was posed even to Arjuna on battlefield. Fortunately for him lord Krishna was there to help him. He said we should do what we are suppose to do and should not think about the result. That means according to me that the choices are already made, we just go through pre planned series of accidents to arrive to that particular decision just to feel confident about the decision made or the choice taken.

I know this is a hard fact to digest for those who are atheist or who do not believe in any super power free enough to make decisions for each individual on earth. But think this in other way. Next time when you face a moment of choice think about the factors that will affect your decision. Think about the road by which you have come to conclusion of taking a particular choice. Is it someone influential’s advice? Any catchy commercial? Your favourite celeb’s choice? What is it?

I know your decision of making this particular choice will depend upon one of these deciders. In your mind you will be convinced that this choice you made was completely within your power but did you know before making your choice what really you are choosing for?

Did you certainly know the taste of contents of the can of soda that you opened for the first time? Then what make you choose it out of available choices of brands in Soda? It is something what is influenced by commercial marketing, planned inception of idea in our mind to make the desired choice. If this is so true about a simple can of soda, Then why not for the rest of our choices?

Tell me one thing, ask yourself for that, when you were born what was in your mind to become? It’s a foolish question I know, and answer is obviously “nothing”. But then how do you judge your accomplishment in your life? How do you justify choices you made if you had nothing previously decided for them? How do you tell what’s right and what’s wrong? I know it is your conscience’s job to do. But then how does your conscience know what is right and what is wrong?

Too much to understand and too much to debate is there in a simple choice. But still we have to make some choices. May be making choices is not in our hand but to be happy with them and to trust them is what we should work on. There are some choices we regret upon, some things we “could” “would” and “should” have done. That is not the something we should waste our mind and energy upon. What we should do is to learn from our choices and to live with them. After all there was nothing we have come with and there is nothing we can take with us.

P.S. There is a scene from Matrix Reloaded between Neo and Oracle over this

“Neo: But if you already know, how can I make a choice?
The Oracle: Because you didn’t come here to make the choice. You’ve already made it. You’re here to try to understand why you made it”



In Introduction, Welcome on February 3, 2011 at 8:37 am

Welcome to my first blog people!

I think the first blog should tell something about me. I know none of the readers of this article (except me ) are eager to know who I am or how I am or any personal details like that. But as a human tendency I’ll just spill it out in front of you.

But before that I must ask you a Question!

Have you ever felt that you have an alter ego? A person inside you whom you are ashamed of? A part of mind that is so medieval that it can not be opened up in 21st century civilization?

My answer to this was a shy Yes! Out of this world of 0s and 1s I am a different person. My opinion counts there. My relatives, younger brothers, sisters look at me with an eye of admiration. They expect me to be more conservative, Good boy kind of. Where as my friends from college, close buddies those who kinda spoiled me know a different side of me.

I know this Tug of war between alter egos is not new to Our generation. A generation which has ethics of old days to follow and trends of new era to live with. And that is why I gave birth to Farjiaadmi. Farjiaadmi is a counterfeiter. A person who can give you anything anytime but with no guarantee of it’s authenticity. The validity of his statements can be true but should not be questioned. He will ask for o credit, or no recognition but at the cost of no responsibility. He is just Farji!

Now when i have just wrecked your confidence in me i’ll tell you theme of this writing endeavor!

I am a 25 years old (which is India’s demographic age) Indian Engineer. I live in a metro, Serve a MNC, Do some critical stuff which benefits owner of my company and India and this Universe (According to our HR). I am single with no commitments. And as I am like most of other Indians; I wanna be their(our) voice.

The voice will cry out loud some of our regular issues like……

Daily frustration from office/ Goverment policies/ Retarded TV shows/ People behaviors/ Intelligent Conversations/ Findings/ Short Abstract Stories/ reviews/ Photos that my alter Ego will click. Everything and much more will be put in here for Your and mine and entire virtual world’s benefit.

So all in all Farjiaadmi is not a real person but has issues of some real world. And with this food for thought I conclude my prologue and an Honest introduction to FarjiAadmi 🙂

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