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Social Networking

In Dil Se on January 31, 2012 at 11:33 pm

I have over 900 friends on Facebook!!

More than 200 wished me on my birthday via Facebook!

20 odd called me!

And 2 were with me when clock struck 12 on the previous night!

Is this what social networking has brought to me? I don’t give any damn about birthdays. They are just another day in lazy life. But this is one day when old friends and relatives call you, ask you how you are doing? They tell something about their selves. Now with these damn websites everyone thinks that since they have uploaded their photos and posted their achievements in their ‘Time Line’, the whole world knows what are they up to. In reality no one cares. Every one has his/her own status updates and photos to manage, to keep the track of stats of ‘likes’ and ‘comments’. Or rather retweets and mentions for those who are hooked to tweeter. The follower count to trace. who followed who un-follwed. Mundane things are keeping us busy all the time. And with what?? Just few clicks and strokes of keyboard?? No warmth of a company no hearty chats! Just ‘LOLs’ and ‘ROFLs’ !! Where is this world taking us to?

I don’t know if anyone will ever read this. Even if this gets any pair of eyes scanning the alphabets arranged in a manner. I know there will be a flat face holding those eyes in socket. No emotions, No care for those around you! We are becoming emotionless. We attend those Anna rallies just to post pics on Facebook and get some likes. We go to pilgrimage to click some awesome photos with deities and ‘Having Fun’! We share matters of ‘National concern’ with flick of a finger and our responsibility ends. We ‘Hash Tag’ our concern over natural calamities to console those who have their lives to save rather than reading your tweets you posted from comfort and security of your homes with electricity and luxury of internet connection. We condemn ‘Blasts’ and offer help to those who are victims, giving our phone numbers and details to a stranger on web who can be anyone including those who might have planned this ‘Blast’ just happened. We give our whereabouts to entire worlds to become a ‘king’ on foursquare! And after all this we complain about trolling and web bullying!!

There are people whose entire life revolves around these things. Who can not take any offense against these sites. They advocate these things stating examples of ‘Best Net Friends’ and ‘Tweeter buddies’ with whom they share every thing. Long lost friends who were impossible to find if not by these sites. Marriages arranged, Love flourished, Jobs found and what not. And truly speaking I don’t deny this. These things survived for this much and penetrated so deep in the society speaks volumes about their credibility. Their essence and usefulness in daily life. I am questioning those who use them. To you and Me!

Do we really think before we put things on internet? Are we hampering anyone’s privacy and personal life while tagging them with us in some random pic? Should we use obscene emoticons and words on those who have whole family and professional friends sitting 24×7 on internet? Are we publicly insulting anyone? Are we taking revenge? Burping out any secret? Digging out fights?

What ever be the future of these sites and humanity, In present I feel more lonely in the web of these sites. There is no Social connection no exchange of personal thoughts and views no frank advices or sincere care in any of the things people do via these sites. I miss old college kuttas, Pan taparis and night walks which taught me many important lessons in my life!

I feel this Social networking is actually promoting the self centered ideology making people sulk into private rooms and stay hooked onto the world wild web.


Porn and We

In Dil Se on December 1, 2011 at 11:09 pm


So now here we are talking about a porn star in open and public, in front of kids and elderly alike. Sunny Leone entered into the big boss house and simultaneously into our coffee machine chatting. She is every where. Every one is discussing her, searching on web for her. Downloading and openly sharing her pics on ‘social networks’. There is nothing wrong we feel in doing this, even if kids listening to radio and watching TV call each other sunny and do stuff what she is doing on the idiot box. In fact we get inspired and charmed by her profession and her chosen way of life. We can even go ahead and announce a movie on her where she don’t even have to take her cloths off or suck upon men to get paid.

There is nothing wrong in porn. Every one watches fantasizes it. Every teen has his/her favorite porn star and dedicated porn type. But it is something very personal and intimate. You don’t talk with your spouse or boss about your porn collection. It is personal treasure. Unfortunately this personal treasure is now opened wide to everyone. Without any age discrimination. A 5 year old now asks his father what a porn star does? Is it the same what you and mom did?? Kids are curious, they are fragile and delicate. What they are watching and listening so openly now is something which they are too young to apprehend. This is one such area of life where you are fortunate if you learn by your own. At the right time from the right source. A civilization where commercial sex (Porn) is so widely accepted is sure to degrade.

Kids and Porn

Kids and Porn

It’s not only the toddlers who I am worried for early exposure to the porn industry. I am also worried about our generation where struggling actors and actresses are not hesitating to shed their cloths or dignity to get some name and fame. These are most vulnerable to the general sprouting and acclamation of porn actors in Indian context. The porn industry which is illegal in India will get these cheap and willing actors who will be ready to do ‘anything’ for money. And just like american example the Indian porn industry will also grow and surpass the bollywood.

If such environment of free sex and liberal porn industry flourishes. It will certainly give rise to ‘amateur sex clips’ and ‘hidden camera’ traps. Which will eventually lead to more honor killings and suicides as shown in Dev D where the unfortunate father of a wasted girl commits suicide and hence pushes his kid to world of prostitution. The cases of Sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies, child birth will increase. The lack of abortion rules will cause birth of many unwanted children and unmarried mothers. These are no any hypothetical imaginations. This is what had happened to USA once. And can happen to India also.

Some may say grow up, open up, leave your typical Indian hypocrisy. I’ll say fuck off… Keep your hands on your own crotch. Things to be done in private, are better done that way. Praising and accepting this with a tag of modern thinking is sheer bull shit. If you want to watch porn bloody watch it on your own home theater but do not display or praise it on a freaking national TV.

Virtual Reality of Life

In Dil Se on June 27, 2011 at 3:20 pm

Last weekend I went for a CSR camp. It involved living in rural area with the locals, working for them. Get a feel of what they go through in day to day life. Their hardships and the way they manage to overcome them. It was nothing very frenzy or extra ordinary stuff. All those who had their grandparents coming from small villages have at some point of time in life have experienced this. So I had a “yeah, lets have fun” kind of nostalgic way of looking into it.

But there were also some freshly baked MBAs and Corporate toddlers in our group. And to my surprise they had their lives so woven around social networking site that I was horrified by the way they looked into the matters.

Primary motive of these lads to come to this CSR camp was to add another point in CV.

Doing some trivial country work was a major resume` achievement for them.

Every time any of this bunch of city lads would do some totally villager stuff, each of them will like it, then and there calling out “likes” and showing their thumb ups.

If some one clicks a picture they will bet about number of comments this pic will receive.

For them the coolest photographer is the one who gets 100 likes as soon as he/she uploads a picture on Facebook.

They would continuously talk about GKhamba or some other Tweleb’s tweets.

Many were reciting the latest tweets of Aishwarya Rai’s pregnancy like parrots.

Till the time everyone parted many of them had added half of the crowd to friend list via their iPhone/BB or Androids.

By Monday morning they had created a group on facebook to share photos and tag each other.

Few of the smart asses are putting some vague links of enGadget and Faking news on the group.

Few girls that came, are suddenly having more people liking their profile pics and commenting on them.

Looking at their overall behavior in and out of the “Social Responsibility” camp I feel like whatsoever responsibility they have is limited to only “Online Social Network”. No one was interested in learning the way of living, doing something to improve it. They only wanted their status updates to look awesome and thier photos to get more likes.

These so called social networking websites have actually isolated the individuals. Everyone is wants his/her profile to look cool, they have maximum likes or most of the comments. They should have more followers and more RTs. They are going miles to make their profile look good, spending hours on internet to find and upload things to look cool. Every one is trying to prove their selves, advertise their attitude, drown in self obsession. A complete new breed of narcissists is growing up around us. What are we seriously doing?

Addictions, obsession and over enthusiasm for something is acceptable, but when a line between virtual and real world gets thinner and starts to vanish out It’s the time when we have to wake up. That does not mean deleting your profile or logging out right now, It means that let life be life in two worlds separated as it is separated by worlds one made by God and one made by Man.

A Day Like Today

In Dil Se on June 7, 2011 at 11:16 am

Good Morning

A day in everyday life when you wake up and you find whole universe is greeting you Good Morning. Bright sun welcomes with pleasant warmth after several cloudy days. Beautiful cold breeze wakes you up and takes all your exhaustion away. Fresh smell of sweet rain and a hot cup of tea gives perfect start to one of the most pleasant day in your life.

On a day like that you feel so alive, feel so fresh that getting up and getting ready is a celebration in itself. Fresh cloths ironed look and fit best.Your awesome hair feel soft and silky, your glowing skin just greets you and congratulates you from the mirror. Your own smile makes you smile more. You feel like a school kid who is on his first day to school eager to meet his pals and all the fun of the day.

On a day like that everything goes smooth, the traffic is no problem, The radio plays awesome numbers. No honking no yelling everyone smiles out of the mirror as you merrily wave them from the car. What a bright shiny awesome pretty this day becomes.

As you reach work you find yourself so relaxed and the work becomes so easy that you can actually find time to read awesome things or even write some blog posts. The boss is cool and relaxed. He actually shows you photo of his kid winning the soccer tournament and invites you for a small celebration at his place. The cherry on top boss leaves early for the preparation of that party.

You take this opportunity to catch up with colleagues and go out for a lunch. You have a nice time in this bright day. Fun and happiness fill the entire universe. Its an awesome day turns out to be more fun than you ever think of.

You get early to home, buy a nice cap for Boss’ son, get ready and humming merry tune of old song you reach at boss’ place. The place looks different. All the sad colleagues from office are casually chatting with each other, looking happy and joyous. You feel like the happiness you observed the whole day was universal and has affected all your colleagues too.

You congratulate your boss give the cap to the young boy. Grab your drink and settle down in a couch enjoying the joy all around. And then to your surprise the pretty HR girl comes and sits next to you. You hit the string and both end up spending entire evening in each others company. That great day gives you more than just the phone number of this pretty lady and a next date for some more fun.

As you settle down in your bed, gazing artificial stars stuck on your ceiling. You think to yourself what a pretty day it was. You close your eyes into the dreams. Humming to yourself the song that perfectly suits this day…..

On a day like today
The whole world could change

-Bryan Adams

Save Trees or Use Rubber

In Dil Se on May 31, 2011 at 10:40 pm

Life is hell these days, isn’t it?

Global warming, deforestation, rise in temperature, rise in sea level, natural calamities are making it worse for planet earth. We are facing problems like financial crisis, unemployment, food shortage, high property rates, costly health services, costly education and deadly competition. The situation is so harsh that it feels awful to be alive in this era. If this is so bad for us I can’t even imagine how bad it will be for coming generations.

In last hundred years half of the Earth’s mature tropical forests have been destroyed. In race of industrialization our grand fathers have left us with a highly polluted atmosphere and a life style that asks for more damage to the planet earth. The comfort and ease of living has increased the life expectancy and life style requirements. Greater financial needs and higher social protocols have caused for a stiffer competitive scenario. Larger populations and lesser habitable land are causing smaller houses and crowded cities. Unfortunately we are paying for sins of our grand fathers. But think what are we going to leave behind for our children?

They say 80% of tropical forest will be lost by 2030. Oil resources will run out by 2050. Sea level rise will drown two third of world’s major cities by end of this century. Food supplies will not be sufficient to feed all the humans. Land will no longer remain fertile given to the extensive use of chemical fertilizers. New generation machines and equipments will reduce the human involvement in industrial production resulting to lesser wages and fewer jobs. Unimaginable competition for higher education in race of acquiring high paying top class jobs will demand more out of tender brains. Extensive training and performance enhancing drugs will raise the bar for sports persons high up. Cities will grow and crowd. No more place for kids to play and grow under open sky and clear air.

Future will be gloomier if another world war strikes. The pure drinking water, depleting oil reserves, natural gas resources are already becoming issues for tussle between countries. If any one out of them decides to deploy a nuclear missile anywhere on earth it will start an all out war among all nations. Earth will no longer remain a place to live for humans. We will be wiped out in matter of days. The life on earth will surely survive but not with the human life.

This dark picture of future is not something purely out of imagination. We have already traveled a great distance towards it till date. If we don’t realize and change our course to the doom in time, we are sure to just be a part of history. Living a human life without caring for nature or rest of planet earth is not an option today. If we want our next generations to see the light of the day and a healthy atmosphere to grow and prosper we have to take steps accordingly. Save and restore the nature as much as you can. Conserve and judiciously use the natural resources. Make a habit of keeping a check on your requirements and utilization. Do not waste water, electricity, fuel and money. They are natural resources use them wisely. Cause no one but your own children will miss if you waste them today.

On a closing note,

Save earth.. save planet… save trees or just use rubber to eliminate the next generation at the very beginning.

Osama dead, Whats Next?

In Dil Se on May 6, 2011 at 1:41 pm

Osama Bin Laden murdered by USA navy seals in Pakistani city of Obbattabad, one hour drive from Pakistan capital Islamabad and 10 mins walk from Pakistan Military academy. This event is mere a facades to a great military and political drama that is still behind the banner.

Killing of Osama is a great milestone for America in its war against terror. Last ten to fifteen years America has constantly been on war. Every president since then has wedged war on Middle East. Clinton attacked Iraq for hiding chemical weapons in 1997. George W Bush wedged war, Crusade, against Afghanistan to avenge the 9/11 attack in 2001. Recently in Barack Obama intervened in Libya under the name of peace keeping in 2011. These wars have been a part of American society from past decades and have affected them in deep.

American hunger for war is purely because of its weapon business. Each war has given the world a peep through in to the future of military technology. More agile planes, stronger tanks, accurate missiles, deadly guns, night visions, surveillance gadgets, warships, submarines, intercontinental missiles, cruise missiles. Americans sell all these products and as a marketing strategy they have to demonstrate their performance through actual field experience. America cannot fight war on its land. It takes major portion of its continent and is neighbored by friendly Canada. Middle African terrain is not suitable for American heavy weight war gears. Europe, Australia, Russia and China are too powerful to play wars. So what remains as ideal place than Middle East to show off the military might?

Middle East is dangerously close to arch rival of weapons business Russia, Bordered by financial threat and country of world’s biggest army China. It’s vicinity with Europe can guaranty a safe retreat in allied countries, and strong reinforcements by NATO. Its deserted terrain and clear sky can be great advantage for heavy military gears and fighter jets. Hence what American has to do is to stage a war scenario and make the guns perform.

Apart from marketing weapons, Wars in Middle East give America a greater political advantage. Just like war in Vietnam was fought when Japan was emerging and threatening US’s economic monotony. America wants her army near threatening China and Russia. Military invasion in Pakistani land for killing Osama has now created a tussle between the US officials and Pakistani “Administration”. Now US can also wedge a war against Pakistan and move its army in to Pakistan so as to keep a constant pressure on countries like China and India. A move which can lead to more confrontations between USA and these emerging countries.

On the other hand, declaring world free of Osama Bin Laden can mean end of terrorism for ignorant American voters. The surge in Obama’s popularity is evident of the rise in in-land political power of Obama Administration and a nationwide acceptance of Obama policies. If he chooses to withdraw forces from Afghanistan and declares the closure of War against terrorism, that will mean the return of Army personals from battle field in another year and a welcoming rise in economy as a sweet gesture of end of war. That means by the end of his term Obama will be a favorite of American voters as he will be the president, who ended a decade long war, elevated the economy after recession and brought back the distant loved ones. It is a great political drama to secure another term in White House.

On an ending note, I feel this whole fiasco is leading a great rumble in the world politics which will now directly affect us Indians because of its geographical vicinity. I am not a foreign expert on these issues, but as a daily reader of News paper I am speculating what news may come in coming years. Those who may read it and find interesting please do reply. Expert comments are welcome!

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