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Topics to Blog About

Hello there!

I’m glad you stumbled here. Do you like my blog eh? If yes would you like to write and contribute more here, or Would you like to publicize your blog eh?

Then wait not, send me link of your blog which you feel to be relevant to post here, I”ll scrutinize at my power for spam and post it here down there…

Send me link at my Tweeter or Email me at or Simply put it in the comment box Down under!!

I shall be updating this page for things I want to blog about so that I will blog without losing topics in my brain..

You can get inspired and write too Mate..

So here you go…

1. Then and There

2. Oh, I didn’t screw you for that..

3. Child Labor

4. Its not over yet

5. Unflushable

6. The MBA

7. I Don’t need to study cause I’m awesome

8. Girls are dumb

9. Boys are Jackass

10. Homosexuals

11. Threesome

12. Forward me that mail

13. I am not lucky

14. Future is now-here

15. Walking past the past.

16. Read before you post

17. I am a Copycat

18. I am Original

19. Hot FB girl

20. Underage sex & education

21. Anger

22. Farts, the cause of global warming

23. Turnoff

24. Losing the virginity and sanity

25. Faking Compliments

26. Things That Make A Beautiful Blog

27. Oh, The Grammar

n+1. Now That’s Enough

I’ll be adding more topics and your suggestions so keep suggesting and I’ll be posting your and mine links here!

So pull down your keyboard and start fingering it to give birth to some awesome stuff..


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